If you are an aspiring writer who is just starting out, it can be challenging to find what type of content you want to write. I know it was like that for me, I felt overwhelmed by all the information on the internet about writing styles and niches, and I just could not decide where to start. Most articles I have found online suggested to pick the most profitable niches to write about or suggested starting out writing all types of content in content mills until you finally are ready to take on something serious. I understand that with so many opinions it might be difficult to find the answer, so today I would like to give you my tips on how to pick your niche when you are just starting out, that I found helped me and works better than anything else I have tried.


The first tip is to write what you know. This advice is not entirely my own, but I firmly believe it is the most important out of any other I have found. Stephen King said this in his Memoir on Writing, and I can not agree more. If you are a journalism or English graduate who would love to start a professional writing career and you are planning on starting your career as a graphic design writer, I am not sure it going to work very well. Unless of course you are IT enthusiast who knows the craft well, but what are the chances? So when you are starting out it is vital that you pick topics for your articles according to your knowledge. If you are an accountant who wants a side hustle, try writing about what you know, it might bring you good results. When you determine the writing niche you are feeling confident in with your knowledge, start writing and then, after you are established writer, expand your horizons if you feel like writing about other topics. Starting new career is stressful enough, if you choose a problematic niche you have no idea about, you might get discouraged to pursue your dream.
The second advice I can give is to do your research and read. This tip might be tremendously visible, but it is essential as well. If you decided to be a writer (doesn’t matter what type of writer) you need to start reading. It not only helps with developing your style and improving your language and vocabulary but it helps to find a niche you love. If you made a list already of topics you know and would like to write about, go and read all articles and blog post you can find on those subjects. Find out what other writers are writing about in those niches and what people are reading. If you are an aspiring novelist who loves reading romance, then I believe you should write romance novels as well. Because only when you will be writing what you like, you will be successful. There is no point writing for a niche that you do not enjoy or have no interest in. Yes, it is going to pay the bills, but so does any other 5-9 job. If your dream is to be a writer, find what you love reading and start writing yourself in that niche.
And lastly, after you have made a list of topics you want to write about and have done your research in your niche it is time to start writing. Yes, it is not going to be easy to start, but it is definitely going to help you develop your expertise in the niche you have chosen. Now that you know areas, where you have good knowledge, try writing articles on those topics and see how it goes. This last stage is going to help you determine if you actually picked the right niche. When you will start pitching articles to editors and start researching them and writing you will see how you feel and if you are really confident in the niche you picked. If you are doing great in pitching, researching and writing, great! You have our niche. On the other hand, if you are not doing so well, it is a sign to pick another niche on your list and try writing about something else.

Stay inspired and creative! xoxo


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