Podcasts have become a pretty trendy thing in the last few years, and now it seems like everyone who is someone has a podcast of some sort. It looks like podcasting is a new vlogging and blogging. However, I never have been a fan of the listening podcast, and only recently I realised what all that fuss is about! And I even made a list of 5 podcasts that I think everyone should listen to because they are just informative and exciting to tune in, while on your way to work or while cleaning a room.


1. SMART PASSIVE INCOME. This podcast is brilliant for everyone who has any type of online business as the founder Pat Flynn is sharing his tips on how to get the money flowing from passive income sources. He does seem like a fun guy to listen to, and I do enjoy that he shares his income on his site and does in-depth reports on it every single month. You can see what he did, how he did and everything is in real numbers with I have not seen anywhere before. I do find his podcast one and only and that is why I recommend you to check it out!
2. THE FREELANCE PODCAST. I discovered this podcast not too long ago while searching for advice on freelance life. And even though it is very elementary compared with all the other podcasts I am mentioning here, I find it helpful and enjoyable to listen. There is plenty of good advice for freelancers, very informative Q&A podcasts and just plenty of resources if you are in business!
3.THE ACCIDENTAL CREATIVE. It is a top-rated podcast hosted by a published author Todd Henry (whose voice I find really relaxing to listen), and it has many tips on life and career. He does interviews with business people and artists which I find interesting as I am really curious to hear successful people share their experience.
4. GIRLBOSS RADIO WITH SOPHIA AMORUSO. Well, this one is definitely my favourite of all purely because I am a huge fan of Sophia Amoruso. And if you are one as well, then you will love her podcast because it is witty and funny and very laid-back. She does interviews with inspiring women, and the whole style of the podcast is very welcoming and personal. Definitely a must for every girlboss.
5.LOVE YOUR WORK. Another podcast aimed at creatives, hosted by best-selling author David Kadavy. He does interviews and talks with a lot of inspiring people, and I find it interesting to listen. You can find a lot of inspiration and motivation to get your shit together in those interviews, especially if you are aspiring entrepreneur.

Stay inspired and creative xoxo


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